30 days of tease: first Yahoo! logo truly hideous. But it’s only up from here, right?

http://www.wmbp.edu.pl/?writing-a-public-service-announcement writing a public service announcement Yahoo! today kicked off a stunt of featuring a new corporate logo each day for the next 30 days, before unveiling its new, for-real-this-time logo.

essay custom writing This morning Yahoo! is basking in free publicity. But is this really such a great idea?

http://www.fingerprintsservicesinc.com/online-homework-kc1/ online homework kc1 The whole idea of a different logo each day is so… Google. The number one search engine is known for its Google doodles–whimsical takes on its logo in keeping with whatever occasion it happens to be. Copying your biggest rival isn’t the best way to showcase your innovative spirit, Yahoo!

provide online homework help And 30 days is a long time to tease. Especially in the Internet world. After all that build-up, the real-deal logo better be fantastic, or Yahoo! is setting itself up for an anti-climatic backlash. So they better make sure that none of the 30 tease logos surpass the final logo in awesomeness. Luckily, they are off to a good start with today’s clunker, a truly annoying graphic horror show:

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