Another Toyota victim? This man has been in prison since 2007 — for driving a Camry

The nightmare for Toyota continues.

enter site A number of jurors who convicted a Minnesota man of vehicular manslaughter in 2007 are having second thoughts after hearing about sudden acceleration complaints plaguing Toyota, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports.

The jury convicted Koua Fong Lee for killing three people in a 2006 crash. Lee maintained throughout the trial that his Toyota Camry sped out of control despite his efforts to stomp on the brakes. The jury didn’t buy his story. But now they have to wonder: has an innocent man been locked up in prison for more than two years?

follow link If Hollywood makes this whole saga into a TV mini-series (Runaway Toyota), this guy’s story has to be included. But that’s for later. On Lee’s lawyer’s immediate to-do list: 1) get Lee’s conviction thrown out; 2) sue Toyota for beaucoup bucks.

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