At least 12 more months of piling on before “feeding frenzy” against Toyota matches Ford-Firestone crisis

Governors in each of four states where Toyota has a manufacturing presence reportedly are fighting back against what they say has become a "witch hunt" by Federal officials motivated by the U.S. government's stake in General Motors:

click here Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear told MSNBC the media, egged on by the Feds, has unfairly singled out Toyota, and created a "feeding frenzy." Interesting choice of words, for sure. But I don't think the Feds are piling on Toyota anymore than they did against Ford back in 2000 and 2001. In fact, the "feeding frenzy" against Toyota still has another 12 months and four rounds of hearings in the House and Senate to go before matching what we went through.

– Jon Harmon

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