Author, expert Walter Kiechel weighs in: communications key to success of corporate strategy

A notable voice weighs in on my continuing series on strategic communications. best essay writers online I’ve been in correspondence with Walter Kiechel, author of the very insightful The Lords of Strategy, which details the birth and development to the present day of the concept of corporate strategy. (See my blog posts: here, here, here and here).

Here’s his take on the major points I’ve raised on this blog (that communications can and should be “strategic,” and that a direct link between the communications plan and the business plan is essential but only the beginning–communications strategy should be an input into the corporate strategy, not merely a conduit for executing the srategy):

source url Jon, I enjoyed reading the blog posts, and think you make a number of good points: communications should be used as a strategic weapon, companies ought to have the communications function at the table where these decisions are made, and yes, particularly if I had had another 50 pages or so available to me, I probably should have written more about the place of communications in the history of strategy (besides the fairly limited coverage of BCG’s marketing with Perspectives, and the business book business as it had evolved by the late ’80s).

follow If there had been more consciousness of communications, up and down within the organization, and maybe with outside constituencies as well, fewer strategies would have proven impossible to execute, I suspect.

click here Anyway, keep up the good work.

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  1. Strategic communication is not complete without planning,sometimes strategy are not perfect,In Finland they used to plan those strategic communication for a better purpose.

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