Bloggers Unite to Help Make the Web Safer for Children

As promised in my last post, the "Blogger Power: Safe Guard the Web for Children" website is now on-line.

click Mig Lica, author of eWritings – Online Public Relations, and I have launched this initiative to urgeBpower_logo1 "adult website" operators to make it more difficult for minors to view explicit content by requiring a log-in. We welcome your participation and your ideas to drive this initiative forward.

You can begin by displaying one of the Blogger Power logos on your blog with a link to the homepage. Speak out about this issue when you get a chance — send your elected officials a brief email explaining the importance of protecting our children’s innocence and including the link.

go to site Be sure to stress that THIS IS NOT ABOUT RESTRICTING ANYONE’S FREE SPEECH. That will continue to be the biggest objection to overcome. We’re just asking for a common sense safeguard to protect children from pornography.

go There is power in numbers and also power in the breadth of a movement. So far the writing has come from Germany and the USA; the artwork from Scotland and Canada … we’ve launched a "Blogger Power" community on mybloglog just days ago and it already has members from Canada, England, Portugal, Taiwan … and, of course, from Germany and the USA.

Help spread the word. Thanks for your consideration … and action.

enter go site - Jon Harmon


  1. jennifer says:

    I LOVE this idea. Thank you so much for your inspiration, your dedication, and your determination to make a difference in this world and to help our children. Blessings to you!! Jennifer

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