Coming Soon: Crisis communication book breaks new ground, provides reader with feeling of ‘being there’

Does the world really need another book on crisis communications?

click Yes! While there are plenty of crisis “how-to” manuals, some of them quite good, they tend to provide examples from numerous case studies to illustrate a few (often simplistic) points. I don’t know of a book that details the day-to-day struggles faced by a crisis team during a single, prolonged crisis to really give a reader the feeling of what it is like to live through a pressure-packed test of nerves lasting several months. But soon there will be. (Drum roll, please.) My book, Feeding Frenzy – Trial lawyers, the media, politicians and corporate adversaries: Inside the Ford-Firestone crisis provides insights and lessons learned in narrative, story form. It’s meant to be interesting as well as informative. It will be available in mid-October.

go to site Here’s what the publisher’s press release says about the need for this book:

go to link Feeding Frenzy provides a candid, telling look at high-stakes crisis management throughout an epic corporate crisis. Unlike other books on crisis communications, Feeding Frenzy is not just a “how-to-manual but a riveting story providing readers with the feeling of living through one of the most challenging crises in business history.

Facing unprecedented scrutiny from international media, aggressive trial lawyers and an angry U.S. Congress, Ford Motor Company’s crisis team tries to understand what’s causing a growing number of deadly rollover crashes involving the world’s best-selling SUV. Ford’s strained relationship with its biggest tire supplier grows increasingly bitter, then gives way to all-out warfare to the delight of the companies’ opportunistic adversaries.

Including never-before-published material, Feeding Frenzy sheds new light on one of the biggest news stories of the decade, revealing media manipulation, political grandstanding and corporate in-fighting. The author includes insightful crisis “lessons learned” throughout the narrative, as well as an Epilogue examining how the rise of social media is transforming crisis work today.

In future blog posts, I’ll provide more of a sneak preview of Feeding Frenzy, along with some advance reviews.

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