Will Your Company Be a Cyber Terror Target?

here Followup to my last post talking about the cyber war that Russia has apparently unleashed against Estonia:

CNET features an interesting article today: "Cyber Attack in Estonia– What It Really Means."  It’s an interview of Jose Nazario, a senior security researcher with Arbor Networks.

get link Nazario compares the cyber-attacks against Estonia to two previous high-profile incidents: the bombardment of U.S. servers that appeared to originate from South Korea following the disqualification of a South Korean skater in the 1,500-meter speed skating event at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City (American Apollo Ono won the gold medal), and the cyber conflict between India and Pakistan in 2002-03.

Cyber attacks may become more common, Nazario warns. "We do see attacks against big corporations and big governments, and if you look at those attacks, some of them are probably politically motivated as a way of speaking out."

Don’t be surprised if radical NGO activist groups and "eco-terrorists" begin using this 21st century form of vandalism against big corporations, particularly those seen as environmental bad actors.

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  1. That’s more paranoia and power for the IT geeks then…

  2. TAR ART RAT says:

    there was also this earlier this year, a large attack that seemed to be under-control:

  3. Pathik says:

    Vestiges of emperialism still exist. Paranoia is the better term to describe their attitude.

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