Crisis response in Haiti brings out our best (mostly)

The utter devastation in Haiti has led to an out-pouring of generosity from so many people the world over. In the United States, it has been a unifying event in a time otherwise marked by political divisiveness.

George Clooney's "Hope for Haiti Now" telethon included a dazzling billing of stars from Hollywood and the music industry — many of whom are veterans of left-leaning causes. Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio each ponied up $1 million of their own money. Meanwhile, conservative pundits such as Michael Medved and Michael Reagan mobilized their listeners to donate impressive amounts of aid for Haiti, through Food for the Poor and other organizations.

And then there was the the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund, an alliance of former Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush, a particularly impressive union of political opposites.

source Yes, there were truly stupid and divisive comments by Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson. But they were the exception.

Overall, those in the public spotlight used their forums to help unite the American people in generosity on such a massive scale it overwhelmed America's chronic critics such as Bolivia's socialist President Evo Morales who tried to paint U.S. relief efforts as somehow "unjust, inhuman and opportunistic. Venezuela's delusional leader Hugo Chazev went so far as accusing the U.S. of having caused the Haitian destruction with a secret "earthquake weapon." Such ridiculous comments only made it more clear that America at its best can rightly claim the moral high ground and let its critics sink further into the mud.

– Jon Harmon

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