Dead-locked Democrats Will Find Common Ground in Corporation Bashing online ordering system thesis documentation The U.S. Presidential marathon has entered a new phase. With McCain having wrapped up the Republican nomination, almost no one will pay a lick of attention to the G.O.P. until its convention in September. The focus is solely on the tawdry Democrat dust-up between Senators Obama and Clinton (wooing super delegates to flip-flop; the possibility of “do-over elections in Florida and Michigan” – where else can you change the rules midstream?, etc.). custom multimedia box code thesis . best research paper writing service reviews The pundits repeatedly tell us that this is a calamity in progress for the Democrat Party.  But is it really a bad thing to have a virtual monopoly of public and media attention for several months in an election year? (You have to believe that every George – from Stephanopoulos to Soros, and maybe even Bush – knows the real score here.) write essay my most unforgettable character .

cost of levitra 20mg What this really means is that we have entered into a new high season of corporation-bashing. The corporation is the most reliable of scapegoats, especially in difficult economic times, and this is one place the Democrat contenders will find common ground. bucknell essay help Too often “corporation” is short hand for monolithic, greedy and socially-irresponsible Big Business. As Jack and Suzy Welch write in Business Week:

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ghostwriter zeit “…no bogeyman is more convenient, election season after election season, year after year, than The Corporation. The mere word is so impersonal! It conjures up images of grim concrete fortresses and slick skyscrapers, giving pols free rein to make pronouncements like one we heard just the other night: ‘For the past seven years, we’ve had a President who has stood up for corporations. It’s time we had a President who stands up for you!’”


write my bib Of course, these same corporations are the engine of commerce and the employers of most of the electorate. And most of these corporations – like, for example your company? – aren’t evil-spirited, faceless places but rather enterprises working diligently to play by the rules in search of a fair profit. english papers on education . So is now the time for corporate communicators to stand up for capitalism in America? Only if you have the masochistic urge to run right into the buzz saw, say the Welches:

persuasive essay buy online . Not unless they possess the strange and burning desire to get blamed, scorned, disparaged, and excoriated for the next nine months or more—specifically, until Nov. 4. Because as high-pitched and, yes, hypocritical as the ‘hate corporate’ rhetoric is right now, we’d wager that it will pretty much end on Election Day. Then the winners, no matter what their political party, will reembrace a reality that most of them already know perfectly well. Business isn’t the enemy of people—it is people. And business doesn’t destroy hope. It creates it.” .

watch However easily the newly elected President might be able to flip that attitudinal switch away from corporate hate-think, the damage will have been done to the psyche of the American people. Big Business will remain a populist bogeyman, at least until the next upturn in the economy at large.

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marketing personal statement Corporate communicators should be mindful of this business-bashing headwind. .

how can i buy an essay Take every advantage to differentiate YOUR company from the negative stereotype – emphasizing genuinely socially responsible actions, philanthropy, sincere interest in safe and reliable product performance, etc. Don’t forget to tell the stories of the people behind your business. The stereotype may be a cold, monolithic and “impersonal” (to use the Welches’ word), but your company isn’t! Emphasize the persons who make your company great.

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  1. professional writing services in ghana If Hillary steals the nomination from Obama (and she won’t stop at anything to do just that), do you really think her corporation-bashing wll end after Nov. 5? She is Big Government, Big Trial Lawyer, all day long. Regulate and tax our way to greatness! She isn’t going to change her spots once elected.

  2. Ray says:

    online homework help Hi Jon, come on now. Big business has to find a way to make its top guys pay a little more in line with reality. Ten, twenty, thirty+ millions while the line folks are asked to get their pay cut to be competitive will just be fodder for both parties during an election year. There is a time when there can be too much compensation. Just my thoughts!