Crisis Case Study: Feeding Frenzy

FEEDING FRENZY: Inside the Ford-Firestone Crisis

An inside look at crisis management in the 21st century, Feeding Frenzy tells the story of two companies at war with each other, and of the trial lawyers determined to keep the conflict on the front pages. The Ford-Firestone tire crisis was the biggest business story of 2000-01. Deadly and mysterious rollover accidents of Ford Explorers with failing Firestone tires took a toll of more than 270 lives in the U.S. and at least 100 more in Venezuela and other hot-climate countries. In compelling narrative, Feeding Frenzy provides a richer case study than can be found in other books on crisis communications. This riveting story provides readers with the feeling of living through one of the most challenging crises in business history.

follow link The reader climbs into the front seat for an eventful ride with the Ford PR team, as the automaker tries to understand what’s causing the maddening accidents. Firestone’s recall of millions of tires does nothing to abate unprecedented scrutiny from international media, safety advocates and an angry U.S. Congress. All the while, trial lawyers are leaking a new inflammatory document virtually every day to journalists competing with one another to break the next big story in this epic crisis.

source Complete with crisis communications “lessons learned” in every chapter, plus an updated Epilogue on how today’s social media further change the dynamics of crisis communications.

  • Must reading for CEOs and public relations professionals. Jon Harmon’s insider account of a real-life business disaster has all the suspense of a fictional “thriller.” 
    – Harold Burson, founding chairman, Burson-Marsteller
  • A view from inside one of the most intriguing events in modern industry, the highly publicized Ford-Firestone conflict. Jon Harmon, a key player in the drama, gives us a clear view from the team that lived with the enormous challenge for months on end. His “lessons learned” are highly insightful and valuable for any organization dealing with serious legal conflict. 
    – Dr. David E. Cole, chairman, Center for Automotive Research

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