For once, Hollywood portrays PR guy positively

source site The public relations profession doesn’t often get portrayed favorably in Hollywood productions, but a truly “force for good” PR guy plays a key supporting role in the otherwise forgettable Will Smith action movie Hancock.


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best custom essay site Jason Bateman plays sincere and big-hearted PR consultant Ray Embry, who has a vision for a global campaign of branded corporate social responsibility. Trouble is none of the big corporate clients he pitches are receptive to his plan to forsake part of their profits to help save the world while earning the right to include an “All-Heart” logo on their products and advertisements.  

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Early on in the movie, in a pharmaceutical company’s boardroom, Embry is introduced to company executives as “the Bono of PR” but he demurs, pointing out that “Bono is the Bono of PR.” (I took that as a complement to Bono – for being the very definition of a catalyst for global philanthropy and CSR – but those who view PR as whitewash may it as a “highly welcome swipe at Bono.”)


Most of the movie deals with Embry working with Smith’s super-hero character Hancock to help him win over the public by transforming his image. In other films, the PR guy would be shown aiming to gloss over Hancock’s flaws and make him out to be someone he isn’t. But here Embry gets real with his client, telling Hancock that after a thorough analysis of the underlying reasons for the superhero’s poor public image, Embry has concluded that Hancock is, frankly, “an ***hole.” He then guides Hancock through a series of steps to reform his behavior, leading to an improved public image.


Oh yeah, and there’s a love triangle situation and quite a bit of violence and flying around. But that’s not the point of this post.


Even in a lousy movie, it’s refreshing to see “force for good” public relations portrayed as laudable, high-minded and results-oriented.

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