High-integrity communication can be a Force for Good; FFG joins Trust Across America

Happy and proud to announce that the Force for Good blog has been invited to join a growing chorus of voices advocating for trust-worthy corporate behavior and, subsequently, increased public trust in worthy corporations. Here's the link.

http://www.dekart.com/?dissertation-plagiarism dissertation plagiarism Trust Across America is a fantastic collaboration dedicated to such principles as corporate integrity, transparency and sustainability. So Force for Good is a natural addition, as it was founded in 2006 on THIS: Transparency, Honesty, Integrity and Social Responsibility.

Think of Trust Across America as a sort of inverse adjunct to the Occupy Wall Street movement (without the drum-beating and vagrancy). If all companies lived up to these ideals, and their trust-worthy behavior was effectively communicated to the public at large, a whole lot of Occupy activists could go home happy (and, presumably, more productive).

Hope to have more to say about Trust Across America in the coming weeks and months.

- Jon Harmon

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