How to attract readers to your blog (circa 2009) i need help with my geometry homework Today the Force for Good blog passes a milestone of sorts — with 25,000 visitors since I started it back in December 2006. That's an average of a little more than 31 visits every day according to the Typepad tracker.

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how to write an essay for university new zealand Not exactly numbers that threaten the New York Times' bloggers or those writing for the Huffington Post. But not bad, either for a site with very specific content — current thinking in "aspirational public relations." Those who visit this site come here because you are interested in PR. I hope you continue to find it worthwhile.

source link honours thesis help With this milestone in mind I'm going to update one of this site's most popular posts — How to attract readers to your blog from April 2007.

ernie baker phd shock dissertation selling research papers The advice from that post still applies:

buying a dissertation online 1)  Content — offer something unique: new insights, a fresh take on a current issue, etc.

custom dissertation writing london 2)  Voice — find your creative voice. It's a blog, not a white paper. dissertation philosophie conclusion 3)  Optimize to be found – use SEO techniques smartly and ethically, linking to related content, using interesting headlines, providing feeds, grouping posts by categories, etc. to help interested readers find your posts — not to trick them into your blog only to be disappointed by what they find.

buy a college paper online Now some additional insights for today:

  • Provide a mixture of  the fresh and current with plenty of long-lasting "evergreen" posts. Posting frequently with new thoughts provide a reason for readers to subscribe to a feed or at least visit often. But most of your readers will find your posts when they Google a phrase that is close to what you wrote about. Evergreens don't get stale or out of date and continue to draw visitors months (or even years) after they were posted. Like "How to Attract More Readers to Your Blog." People keep coming back to that one. 
  • Typepad's control panel enables you to skim through a day's visitors and see what they typed to find your blog. You can see what's connecting and what's not. Adjust your content accordingly.
  • Include photos or videos when relevant or humorous (I didn't include any visuals with this post, but generally I do.) Include a photo credit, particularly if you have ads on your site or other means by which you are generating revenue. There are no paid ads on Force for Good, so I'm not a stickler for crediting sources for photos.

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