Inspire Confidence with Credible Internal Communications

How can a company’s communications help drive employee confidence and engagement without being dismissed as vapid cheerleading?

  • Confidence-building communication must be credible. Don’t sugar-coat bad news. Be candid in assessing challenges and disappointments, then make the case for future success built on facts and sound reasoning.
  • Hunt out real success stories and then tell employees about them. Senior leaders should personally congratulate and thank the employees behind the successes.
  • Find the compelling visuals to help tell these success stories. Nothing resonates more and sticks more than a good photo or video of a real person at a real moment. Capturing a truly compelling visual means thinking like a photojournalist. Don’t stage a photo cliché, like the employee and manager shaking hands and grinning at the camera. What about the person’s involvement in the improved process tells the story with authentic emotion?
  • Populate your company’s intranet with confidence-boosting information and anecdotes. In addition to messages from company leadership, the intranet might feature discussions from employees at all levels, positive news stories about your company, its people and its products, as well as opinions from analysts, bloggers or community leaders.
  • Use communication channels to help leadership understand problems and to move quickly to fix them. Then celebrate the fixes rather than pretending the problems never existed.