McCotter wows Dennis Miller

My last post included a letter to Force for Good from U.S. Representative Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) … speaking of whom … if you happened to catch McCotter on Dennis Miller’s national radio program yesterday you had to be impressed with the young congressman’s tour de force (check out the audio archive for October 15 if you’re a subscribing member of the DMZ).

example of literature review in thesis Dennis Miller is not often upstaged by his guests, but McCotter’s quick wit and humor stole the segment. Miller called McCotter “the most refreshingly candid Congressman” he had ever interviewed and offered McCotter a standing invitation to return to the program any time.

go site McCotter demonstrated how to win over the hearts and minds of listeners with thorough preparation along with a tone of voice appropriate to the medium — in this case a cerebral yet irreverently comedic talk show. It takes a special gift to mix it up with a host as spontaneous as Dennis Miller without coming across as contrived or scripted. Thaddeus, I didn’t know you had it in you.

see McCotter has in the past demonstrated an ability to let down his hair; that is, if he had any hair to let down. In the photo at right from Dec. 2005, McCotter plays lead guitar for troops stationed in Kuwait, as part of the bi-partisan band “The Second Ammendment” comprised of five U.S Congressmen.

Still, I would quibble with McCotter’s glib reply to Miller’s question about whether he would enter the Presidential race: “I don’t think so,” McCotter said. “The last time we had an Irish Catholic president, it all ended rather badly.”


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