My ‘excess’ children will help make the world better and, yes, cleaner

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The Argument About Writer Essay School. Our dissertation services are made to supply you with top high quality dissertation assistance at Is it down right un-ecological to have more than one or two children?

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As the father of four children, I take exception to that notion, just as I object to earlier views that having “excess” children is wasteful.of resources, a drag on society, etc. Each of my four sons is smart, self-confident, respectful and considerate of others. I have complete confidence that each of them will be a net positive in any measure imaginable – doing more good than evil, creating more value than they consume and, yes, helping make the planet greener over the course of their lives.

Our children aren’t like so many Canada goslings, growing up to poop all over our parks.

As William McGurn wrote in the Wall Street Journal: “The truth is more brains will likely mean cleaner energy technologies.”

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