Passing of the no-name decade: Drop the oh and … Celebrate like it was 19-99!

A little year-end rant, a little early … Hard to believe, but this first decade of the new century, this decade with no name, is almost history.

Help Writing Poems That Rhyme One bright spot: we finally can get back to talking about a year in two easy-chunks: "Twenty-Ten," "Twenty-Eleven," etc. Just like the good all days of "Nineteen-Ninety Nine."

Ever since we were saddled with "The Year Two Thousand," we've struggled with the two-chunk dates. "Twenty-Nine" just doesn't work. So we inserted the obligatory oh: "Twenty-oh-Nine." It worked well enough. And it allowed us to further abbreviate the year to simply "oh-nine." But, please, come New Year's Day, drop the oh! I cringe every time I hear someone refer to next year as "oh-ten," as in "the oh-ten emission standards will be tough to meet." (Remember: it's '10 — not '010!) - Jon Harmon

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