Too Much Seinfeld on the Governor’s TV? An AP story today mentioned that Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle "claims to have watched every episode of Seinfeld eight times." (With 180 episodes of the show having been produced over its 10-season run, that’s some serious TV watching.)

follow site Seinfeld_lrg I enjoyed Seinfeld as much as anyone during its run, but really, don’t we all have better things to do than watch the same re-runs over and over? Which begs the question: What do you find more disturbing, that a Governor has found the time to watch 720 hours of Seinfeld, or that he brags about it to his electorate?

Literature Review Title Examples Post script: In the wake of  Michael (Kramer) Richards’ racist outburst, Doyle has cancelled the second annual "Festivus" celebration in the Governor’s mansion. Festivus, Seinfeld fans will remember, is the holiday popularized by George Costanza as an alternative to Christmas and Hanukkah. When it comes to any association with the career-ending stench of rascism, Doyle’s political instincts clearly trumped his devotion to all things Seinfeld. . follow - Jon Harmon


  1. Vahsek says:

    I agree with you.

  2. Jim Trainor says:

    I took your challenge and tried to decide what I found more disturbing — the fact that the governor spent 72 10-hour (!) days watching Seinfeld or the fact that he bragged about it to the citizens of Wisconsin. Know what? I can’t decide and I think they are equally ridiculous. Does the word “boob” in “bood tube” describe the device or the people using it? In this case, I think we know. What a boob!

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