Toyota crisis provides poignant, real-time lessons, for good and for bad

In today’s Bulldog Reporter I team with Jim Lukaszewski, President of the Lukaszewski Group, for an indepth look at the crisis communications lessons we can take from Toyota’s ongoing crisis. If I may say so, it’s worth a read. Get Help With Homework Answers Here’s the link .

see Jim provides a sage and perceptive reading of the crisis. His thoughts on the ”victim dimension” and his counsel to relentlessly “wage peace” are particularly poignant. I wish we at Ford could have waged peace with Firestone, as we first set out to do, but our divergent self-interests kept tearing us apart. And then we came to the inescapable conclusion that Firestone had been either recklessly incompetent or had willfully ignored a growing safety issue for years. Either way, they were less than an ideal partner in our struggle to manage the crisis.

watch As Toyota prepares for the first Congressional hearing (postponed for the time being by “Snowmaggedon“ in Washington),
the automaker’s leaders must decide how much of the runaway-accelerator problem they want to try to pin on pedal assembly supplier CTS, a company that has made it clear it does not want to made to be a scapegoat. Congressional investigators aren’t convinced Toyota has isolated the problem and won’t hold back if Toyota takes anything less than full blame for the complex problem and the company’s slow response to it.

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