Toyota recall woes ignite blistering criticism … and J&J is blaming a supplier for massive Tylenol recall: Wait! I’ve seen this movie before!

So often history repeats itself in unexpected ways. Look at what Toyota is going through right now – a massive recall, now spreading around the world, production shut down and sales halted, all over a mysterious problem with no known fix. And even as Toyota has taken these extraordinary steps to get a handle on the crisis, they’re getting blistering criticism from near and far that they should have acted sooner. It’s déjà vu all over again.

enter site And now Johnson & Johnson (which for more than two decades has been held up as a paragon for proper crisis management ) has another huge Tylenol recall on their hands, but this time the cause of the contaminant is a mystery and so they have resorted to … blaming their supplier. I feel like I’ve seen this movie before!

see I'll be following these crises closely as they continue to play out and make observations from my experience with the Ford-Firestone crisis (and a book on the subject). Clearly these are both vexing messes without easy solutions, so I'll try to refrain from the all-too-easy they-should-have-acted-sooner piling on. source link - Jon Harmon


  1. JFK says:

    click “TOYOTA” The manufacturing sacrificial sacrifice. Complaints of deaths due to sudden acceleration in Toyota cars, like the Audi that went 0-60MPH at a turn of a key that involved death and injury, I don’t recall any apologies from Audi. Recalls aren’t new take a look: Ford 1419 recalls, Chrysler 309 recalls, Cadillac’s alone 190 recalls Toyota 139 recalls; and them with out sin cast the first stone. Domestic(?) auto makers now push to produce everywhere but north America, Toyota and Honda with plants in US and Canada are turning more domestic then Ford, Chrysler or GM who just opened a new line in Asia. “Domestic” means production that takes place within the country’s borders (Wikipedia).

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