U.S. Senate Moves to Help Protect Children from Online Threats

While most of the activity in Washington this week was all about the financial meltdown, the Senate did move forward with a bill that offers additional help against on line child exploitation, consistent with the global BloggerPower project supported by Force for Good.

CNET reports that the Protect Our Children Act, introduced by Joe Biden, made it through the Senate Thursday. Separate bills by John McCain and Hillary Clinton were folded into the legislation, which authorizes more than $320 million for the Justice Department over the next five years for, among other things, the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. The bill would affect how Internet companies report on-line child pornography to authorities, and it approves funds for law enforcement to focus on on-line child exploitation. And, yes, Barrack Obama is one of the bill's co-sponsors so there should be no disagreement between the Presidential campaigns on the merits of this legislation.

- Jon Harmon


  1. One problem is that children don’t seem to have any problem posting private and personal information about where they live, what school they go to or even putting videos or pictures of themselves online. A lot of kids will openly get into conversations with strangers they have met online. Then another statistic says that 1 in 5 children say their parents have not discussed anything with them about staying safe online. Every person needs to really understand how crucial parental controls are for kids on the internet.

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