What are you thankful for?

As we near Thanksgiving Day in the USA …

enter What are you most thankful for this year?

Family, friends, good health … yes, but also

source site … the cusp of possibility …

… the sense of having survived a deep and awful downturn …

http://www.lakecharlesclinicaltrials.com/cv-personal-statement/ … the thrill of a sunrise breaking through distant purple and orange clouds …

… smiles on other people's faces telling me, "It's going to be all right" …

… what else?

- Jon Harmon

Update 11-24: I posted the same question on some Linked In groups I belong to, as well as on Twitter. Here are some of the responses:

A talented staff … some terrific clients … and a new year's budget on the way! Jim Bianchi President, Bianchi Public Relations, Inc.

I couldn't have said it any better than you guys. Family, friends, health, keeping our heads above water, and of course, good clients. And all of the gifts of nature the good Lord has given us to remind us just how small we and our problems are in the grand scheme. That sunrise is a great reminder. I will resolve to enjoy a couple more next year than I did this year. Tim O'Brien Owner, O'Brien Communications

I love this! "the thrill of a sunrise breaking through distant purple and orange clouds"…one of my favorite things! The peaceful silence just before sleep – that comfortable sense of relaxation at the end of a good days work! Sheila McGirl Advertising Representative/Catholic Star Herald

That those close to me have rallied to keep my spirits up during this terrible economy and that I have remained optimistic that I soon will return to a rewarding position with a company or nonprofit……or maybe even win the lottery!!!! Mike Virgintino Communications Consultant

I'm thankful that my income is only down about 10 percent this year, and that I used some of that downtime wisely to start a blog and to undertake other efforts that offer long-term potential benefits. Beyond that, I'm grateful that family members and close friends are doing well. Richard Buse Independent Writing and Editing Professional

My new job at Pyramid Communications! Sarah Cohen Administrative Assistant at Pyramid Communication

I am grateful for my job in PR at Northern Quest Resort & Casino! Our new hotel is opening Jan 2010! Sooooo busy! www.northernquest.com if you want to see our progress! Jennifer Simmons Community Relations Coordinator at Northern Quest Casino

What am I grateful for this year? That there are agencies out there still striving to innovate. And succeeding by embracing technology and merging this with world-class creative content and business savvy. I'm overjoyed that I have been fortunate enough to interact with (humble, yet brilliant) shops that actually can & are solving business issues for their clients through the process described in the latter, even in the face of this drastic downturn. JC Fantechi Owner, Icebreaker

I'm glad I've been out of the business for a year. Nothing much has changed, Digital agencies claiming they can save the world with a proliferation of social media channels that do nothing for a brand except damage it. TV ads that are getting worse by the minute and the demise of data driven campaigns because brand managers can't be bothered to do the tricky data management part and so have resulted to e-mail which is now defunct!

On the positive side it's nice to see some premium brands return to what I call dialogue marketing which enhance the relationship with the most valuable customers thus empowering an extended sales force. Gary Brine Super Experienced Marketing and Branding Professional


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