What You Can Learn About New Media From the President of Iran

Professional business plan writers for business finance applications. Our Phd Online Accrediteds include the following: Can amateur “citizen journalists” open a healthy social debate in repressive countries like Iran that strictly forbid anything resembling a free press?

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college application essay religion http://bdonlineshop24.com/divorce-bill-term-paper/ Good persuasive essay on of mice and men how to write a admission letter Over the past three years, blogging in the Middle East has functioned as a mechanism for free speech, but often at a high cost. In a land where oppression — political and social — is often the norm, citizens across Iran and the Arab world are frequently turning to blogs as a source for noncompliance — and many governments are not having it….

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Blogging has given many in the Arab world and beyond the chance to delve into subjects their societies may frown upon. Iran and Syria are classic examples, as their regimes impose domineering ideologies on society.

Regular readers of Force for Good will recall (here and here) my assertions that citizen journalists are the best hope for bridging misunderstandings among peoples and in bringing down tyranny by bringing human rights abuses to light in ways the world cannot ignore.


But citizen journalists in repressive countries blog at great personal risk. (The Reuters photo above depicts an Egyptian blogger convicted of insulting Islam and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.)


It is high time that we recognize cit-j heroism with an annual International Press Freedom Award. (Still waiting to hear from the Committee to Protect Journalists on that FFG idea from December but it is safe to say prime sponsorship opportunities still are available!) Meanwhile, the less well-known and not as well-funded Committee for the Protection of Bloggers is picking up the ball for the CPJ.


Ahmadinejad_new_york_2005_1 We live in an amazing time and it’s interesting to see how different people and institutions adapt to the rapidly changing landscape. Would you have guessed, for example, that Mr. Repression himself, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has his own blog?


Connecting with the conversations shaping opinions is what CGM (citizen-generated- or consumer-generated media) is all about. Does the President of Iran understand that better than the president of your company?


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  1. U made a very interesting point. Blogs are definitely scaling new heights. Thanks for the post.

  2. Jon Harmon says:

    Thanks, Deepak. I know you are interested in the cause of protecting citizen journalists at risk. What is the situation in Nepal with the interim peace agreement providing (temporary?) cessation to the civil war? As a writer with Nepal Weekly do you feel freedom from censureship under the provisional government? Please continue to post here; your insights are most welcome.

  3. Thanks Jon. I would like to share few things here. The present situation is not much better than what we experienced in a decade long civil war. During a recent ethnic violence in terai region, many journos were not only threatened and beaten but were also forced to leave their place and relocate themselves in other safer places. Recently, a reporter named Deepak Gyawali was seriously injured in Butwal by some miscreants. So, for citizen journalists and mainstream media persons alike, the post peace accord situation is not faring good. I can share more info if you wish to incorporate it in your post.
    Thanks for the reponse.

  4. Jon Harmon says:

    Absolutely Deepak — please share more. Please make sure Committee for the Protection of Journalists is informed, or I will be happy to forward your comments to CPJ. Please take care and stay in touch.

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