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Obamacarewebsite down

PR Disaster of the Year: The website that derailed a popular President

As the year winds down, we turn to things that really matter. I'm talking, of course, about the 2013 Force for Good PR Disaster of the Year. Once again, we have an abundance of worthy candidates, including: Carnival Cruise's stunning string of misadventures on the … [Read More...]

Dolphins' Incognito and Martin

Lessons from Miami: Ugly, hateful bullying is just wrong. Why is there still any debate?

The reputational morass that is the Miami Dolphins' workplace harassment scandal took several more turns for the worse when... Jonathan Martin alleged that not only had he endured grotesque and racist threats and other abuse from teammate Richie Incognito but also a "vicious … [Read More...]

killers released

“It wasn’t a mistake. We followed procedure.” Passing the blame doesn’t cut it when two convicted killers are loose.

The news yesterday that two more Florida prison inmates were in the process of obtaining forged documents ordering their release underscores the need for all prison officials to scrutinize and verify such documents before letting dangerous convicts loose. Of course. But … [Read More...]

Jon and friend in Kenya

Two weeks in Kenya opens our American eyes, melts our hearts

A little departure from my usual blogging as a corporate communicator to a more personal reflection as a citizen journalist... My wife and I returned to America a week ago from a medical mission to Kenya. We ended our two-week stay in this impoverished country with a … [Read More...]


30 days of tease: first Yahoo! logo truly hideous. But it’s only up from here, right?

Yahoo! today kicked off a stunt of featuring a new corporate logo each day for the next 30 days, before unveiling its new, for-real-this-time logo. This morning Yahoo! is basking in free publicity. But is this really such a great idea? The whole idea of a different … [Read More...]

Smart PR Drives Business Results

PR gets a bad rap, sometimes deservedly. Too often it is seen as fluff or spin. That kind of PR will not help your business in the long run.

Strategic public relations can offset criticism directed at your business or build awareness when no one has heard of your product. Smart and proactive PR is not just aligned with your business strategy; it's an important part of your strategy.

High-integrity communication brings alive the story of your business, its people and its products to all the audiences you want to reach.

Crisis Case Study: Feeding Frenzy

An inside look at crisis management in the 21st century, Feeding Frenzy tells the story of two companies at war with each other, and of the trial lawyers determined to keep the conflict on the front pages.

The Ford-Firestone tire crisis was the biggest business story of 2000-01. Deadly and mysterious rollover accidents of Ford Explorers with failing Firestone tires took a toll of more than 270 lives in the U.S. and at least 100 more in Venezuela and other hot-climate countries.

In compelling narrative, Feeding Frenzy provides a richer case study than can be found in other books on crisis communications. This riveting story provides readers with the feeling of living through one of the most challenging crises in business history. Read More